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The Wave Garden


Somewhere I never thought I’d find myself. Waist deep in a dead flat lake in Basque country, staring at a tiny patch of water about 15 metres away. The anticipation is intense. I’m waiting for a small lump of water to materialise and head my way. Turning and paddling for the lump, it now sounds…

Most importantly, Bitcoin offers an open API to create secure, scriptable e-cash transactions. Just as the web democratized publishing and development, Bitcoin can democratize building new financial services.

Bitcoin – The Internet of Money | Startup Boy

I’m so excited about what’s possible with Bitcoin. 

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Cabin north of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. 

Contributor Maxwell Poulter writes:

Off the grid. No road access. Father’s happy place.


The Savannah Project by Price Street Projects in Savannah, Georgia, USA

As a port city, Savannah has an abundance of obsolete shipping containers. Artist Julio Garcia repurposed two of these containers to create his residence and studio in the Savannah woods.

KANYI MAQUBELA: Hearing a pitch from a startup founder


I overheard a team of startup founders pitching their company to a venture associate at a coffee shop this week. I didn’t listen for long because I felt bad, but one thing that jumped out at me, even over my headphones, was that the associate was doing most of the talking, which got me thinking.

Google IPO


Remember the Google IPO?

They raised “e” billion dollars.

The reverse Dutch auction (that hardly any retail investors qualified for… And spooked institutions… So it flopped)

The constant Monday-morning quarterbacking that ended up be irrelevant to their long term success.

That was crazy.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

—Paulo Coelho (via kickstarter)

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